I wanted to say “Thank You” for everything you’ve done. Not only did you take a huge relief off our shoulders when you paid our back rent, but because of your organization my family was able to have Thanksgiving and give our 8 year old his birthday after all. I was in the hospital until the day before Thanksgiving, and when my husband told me what you did, I cried. God bless you all.
K. E
My wife and I would like to say thank you to all for the help that you have given. We cannot say thank you enough. The past year has been hard for us. But faith in God and friends like everyone at NewDay Foundation make all the difference. At some point I hope that maybe I will be able to help others as you are doing.
J. C.
My family and I are forever grateful to the NewDay Foundation for all the help of paying bills, the food and prayers and good wishes. At this time of uncertainty everything you have done has made it easier for me and my family, and given us some peace of mind and comfort.
J. I.
I was surprised and pleased to receive your gifts and especially the Prayer Shawl. Your many words and prayers of inspiration were certainly appreciated.
C. J.
Thanks so much for all that you and your church members are doing for me and my family. It’s nice to know we are not alone and people are thinking of us. It is also nice to know that compassion of strangers can be that of friends and family.
J. I.
Thank you to all who graciously gave of their time so I could receive my treatments. You have no idea how grateful I am.
B. W.