2022 Giving Updates

From January 1-April 30, 2022, NewDay has spent $37,643 on medical and living expenses for local cancer patients. We have all been to the gas station recently and know what it’s like to fill up a tank. NewDay is providing $1000 a month in gas cards currently and that may go higher. Many of our local cancer patients are prescribed radiation treatment five days a week for seven weeks. Currently we do not have radiation available at Northwest Health LaPorte so the patients must go to Valparaiso and some to South Bend. Being able to offset some of the travel costs for these patients is a wonderful gift NewDay can provide.

Something important to note about NewDay is that most of our clients have never been on any kind of public assistance and often don’t realize they should ask for help until they have depleted their savings, borrowed against retirement, and sometimes have taken out a second mortgage. Some may not qualify for assistance through another program because of the past year’s income or home ownership. Many come from two income families and have children at home. Imagine what your financial picture would look like if one income was suddenly missing and replaced by medical bills. COBRA costs are sky high, and we unfortunately have some clients who have let their insurance lapse and then miss appointments because of the financial strain before they hear about NewDay. Currently we have clients that work or have worked in many different fields. Teachers, respiratory therapists, physical therapists, nurses, electricians, mechanics, and many other careers that support their families in a comfortable way until a cancer diagnosis.

With NewDay, assistance is not delayed. For example, a new client filled out an application on-line last week. There was no water to the home where this cancer patient lives with her disabled child. She needed a new well and pump. Cathy, NewDay’s client services director, and executive director Katrina discussed our maximum assistance level. Cathy talked to the well company and several other agencies. A new well was dug and water was restored to the home 48 hours later. We live in a wonderfully generous community where business owners and other agencies all try to knit the complicated blanket of funding together to get the local cancer patients through treatment. Our goal is to see all of them go back to their pre-diagnosis life.