Our Story

NewDay Foundation’s Inception-2003

The NewDay Foundation began as a charitable organization in 2003. NewDay provided donated teddy bears and items of comfort and encouragement to cancer patients in La Porte, Indiana, and also the Chicago area hospitals. The teddy bears were donated by attendees of a yearly concert and donations received from individuals and church groups.


In 2014, NewDay began to provide financial assistance to cancer patients residing, working or seeking medical treatment in La Porte, Indiana. Financial assistance may include payment for medical, prescriptive or general living expenses while undergoing treatment for cancer. Living expenses include but are not limited to payment of utilities, rent household items and groceries. Along with living expenses, individuals may also receive transportation services to and from medical appointments. A yearly grant from the Unity Foundation of La Porte provides a portion of the funding available for living expenses.

Fall 2019-Spring 2020

In September of 2019, the Healthcare Foundation of La Porte discussed a capacity building grant for NewDay. This grant would enable NewDay to attain separate 501(C)3 status separate from the Door Village United Methodist Church. Up until 2019, NewDay had functioned as a mission of the church but maintained its own financial records and accounts. The board of NewDay agreed that it was in the best interest of the continuation of NewDay and local cancer patients accept HFL’s generous offer and support. In January of 2020, the organizational meeting of the newly formed non-profit was held, and the application process was completed.  In March of 2020, NewDay was granted 501(c)3 status.  Fall 2020 In October 2020, the Healthcare Foundation of La Porte transferred the balance of the HFL cancer fund to NewDay along with their records so that NewDay would now financially assist local cancer patients with medical and prescription costs.  Through the capacity building grant, HFL provided NewDay with financial support to pay attorney fees and filing costs associated with the non-profit status. HFL also paid for a computer and the technical support to transfer all the records associated with the cancer fund to NewDay. The capacity grant has also provided donor software, grant writing assistance, and the ability to use the new HFL building for meetings and mentoring. The partnership between the NewDay Foundation and the Healthcare Foundation has made the process of getting help quicker and easier for our community members. In November of 2020, the Unity Foundation provided NewDay with two thirds of the Mosette Levin Fund grant. In previous years, the grant money had been split three ways with the Healthcare Foundation, Franciscan Alliance and NewDay each receiving a third. In another act of generosity HFL requested NewDay receive their portion of the grant since we would be providing the assistance for the patients.  In December 2020, NewDay was awarded a grant from the Indiana Breast Cancer Awareness Trust. This grant provides free mammogram services to women in LaPorte County that are uninsured or underinsured and meet the financial criteria. The IBCAT grant provides for the early detection of breast cancer in uninsured and underinsured patients in La Porte. This effort will provide screening and diagnostic mammography services to low income, uninsured or underinsured women who meet AACS high risk criteria and/or are forty years of age or older.

Spring 2021

In April 2021, NewDay was awarded a $40,000 community health grant from the Healthcare Foundation of LaPorte to continue providing financial assistance for local cancer patients in the areas of transportation costs, living expenses, medical expenses and insurance costs. 

Spring 2022-Ongoing Foundation Efforts and Plans for the future

April was a busy month with both the Resurrection Run, held the day before Easter and the NewDay concert. One hundred and twenty-one runners signed up for the 5K and 10K runs. It was a windy but sunny day, and we are already planning for next year’s race which will be April 8, 2023. A new timer has been donated and the race committee is always looking at ways to improve the race and awards. NewDay would like to thank all our sponsors and donors that supported our 19th annual concert. The concert raised just over $66,000 which will go directly to assisting local cancer patients. Plans for the 20th annual concert are under way and we hope you will mark your calendars to join in the fun April 29, 2023. On June 24, 25 and 26, NewDay will be at Fellowship Fest at the fairgrounds. This is a free public event to learn about organizations in our community. NewDay has been awarded a two-year Healthy Living grant from the Healthcare Foundation of LaPorte. NewDay will receive $40,000 in 2022 and $40,000 in 2023. NewDay is thankful for the opportunity HFL has given us to help the cancer patients in the LaPorte community. In the fall, NewDay volunteers will work at the Coulter Corn Maze. If you get a chance come run through the maze and support NewDay too.